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Please be advised that before using any of the member services provided, it is important to carefully review the “Responsibility and Gaming Advocacy Policy” statement. The policy is designed to ensure that members are able to enjoy a safe and comfortable gaming experience while maintaining good physical and mental health. By agreeing to the terms and conditions outlined in the policy, members are able to make savvy and rational decisions for online entertainment.
To fully protect the rights and interests of members, it is recommended that all contents of the Terms of Service are reviewed before using any of the member services. Members must review the terms of the membership provided by the members and the content of all the terms of the gambling promotion for at least three days. Once the member selects the “Agree” clause button, after entering the service provided, they agree to abide by and accept the provisions of the member’s advocacy terms.
The scope of the contract is to provide members with online game services and other related services, with both parties’ rights and obligations regarding the service determined in accordance with the terms of the contract.
The following is considered part of this contract and has the same effect as this contract:

  • Member’s announcement about the service, activity regulations or advertising content.
  • Promote the flow standards and game management rules established by the Responsibility and Gaming Advocacy Policy.
JILI Games Privacy Policy

The Responsibility and Gaming Advocacy Policy includes a definition of responsible gaming, which means that in a moderately regulated environment, the gambler will not pose a threat to the well-being of the person, family, relatives, other gamblers and casino staff when participating in the gambling, or negatively affect the local and gambler’s place of origin. In other words, “responsible gambling” is to reduce the harm caused by gambling behavior to a socially acceptable level.
To promote responsible gambling, it is important to provide training to all employees to strengthen their awareness of responsible gambling, identify gambling disorders, and avoid measures to allow gambling under 18 years of age. Additionally, by introducing employees to a number of responsible gambling support services provided by other local groups, they can more effectively assist guests affected by gambling.
We strongly reject underage players to use our software for online entertainment and use professional and various effective methods to prevent problem gambling. If a member who uses the website is found to be under the age of 18, we will confiscate all winnings or bonuses issued by the website and reserve the right to immediately terminate the member’s betting account operation. To prevent the account number/member name from being stolen, we recommend that parents or guardians use a range of third-party software recommended below to monitor or limit the Internet use of the computer.

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